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December 2021 News

Susan Foster is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: MU Hartshill meeting
Time: Dec 15, 2021 07:30 PM London

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 612 606 5636
Passcode: 6Qz5vd

This is in lieu of our Christmas party and so please arm yourself with a drink and a cake and maybe a Christmas jumper.We will have another quiz. Please choose a category for your 5 questions. If anybody has any other ideas for what we can do at a 'virtual' party, please let us all know.

Wendy - food and drink

Jan - Christmas music

Sheila - Christmas theme

Lynda - People

Sue P. - Christmas films

Sally (can't make it)

Heather - festive quiz

Sue F. - Christmas stories


November 2021 News

For various reasons and in consultation with other committee members, I have decided not to hold the planned meeting in November. I apologise if this causes disappointment. The Rainbow theme for our Christmas wreath seems popular and I have realised that I can re-use the rainbow which I crocheted for my window last year as a basis. So there won't be a lot of work involved and I am happy to do it.

If anybody is interested in writing a prayer for a new MU prayer book, or in supporting this years project for providing gifts for prisoners' children at Christmas, please see


I will set up another Zoom meeting before Christmas.

October 2021 News

As we haven't had a meeting this month, I thought I would update the news.

I don't know whether you've watched the YouTube video of Members' Day but, if you haven't, it is well worth watching.

Heather attended in person and I attended virtually via the YouTube live stream. Heather also sent me some notes that she made. Key points were:

The subs are the same for 2022 as 2021: individual £30, IMPC £23, Diocesan £33.

The Advent Service is to be on Monday, 29th November at 11am St Andrew’s Church Rugby. Unfortunately, they will not be able to broadcast it via the internet as the Church cannot be appropriately wired up without a faculty.

Christmas cards will be taken to prisoners this year and so, if you would like to send any, they will be collected at the Advent Service.

The afternoon session was a discussion in groups of the following:

We could have a discussion about this and so please get your thinking caps on.

Heather also attended the Nuneaton Deanery meeting. Thank you Heather. Here are the minutes.

I'm assuming that we are still planning to meet at the back of the church on November 17th 2021 at 7.30pm.

I haven't been inundated with suggestions for the Christmas Wreath but I've had a couple of suggestions. Sue P. suggested " I guess it should be Covid related ?Rainbow colours or a rainbow with words like peace after the storm  light at the end of the rainbow? ...maybe ?just a thought ".

Sheila suggested that we knit chains for the anti slavery campaign and create a wreath around that.

What do you think?


September 2021 News

We had another great zoom quiz on 22nd September. Sally has delivered more toiletries to Bob Jakin ward at GEH and they were received with delight. Sally would like more combs and toothpaste in order to make up some more packs.

As the church is starting to open up, we have planned to next meet at the back of the church on November 17th 2021. Sally has kindly agreed to do prayers.

There will hopefully be another Christmas wreath festival this year and so it would be nice if we could produce a Christmas Wreath at that meeting. PLEASE send me your suggestions for the format of the wreath. These are the wreaths which we made for 2015 to 2019.

christmas wreath

Christmas wreath 2016christmas wreath

We had some discussion on whether to wear masks at our meeting and whether we should use the kitchen to make drinks but we will make our decision prior to the meeting.

August 2021 News

Thank you for another great quiz evening.  We have set a date of 22nd September for our next meeting and I am assuming it will be on Zoom.  Heather has kindly agreed to do prayers.

Although quizes are great, I am open to suggestions of other activities we can do on Zoom and so please let me know if you have any ideas.

July 2021 News

We have set the date of 14th July, 7.30, for our next Zoom meeting and these are the agreed categories for questions:

Bible – Sheila
France and French – Jan
One letter answers – Wendy
Spelling – Heather
– Lynda
Birds – Sue F
Geography - Sally

Sheila is writing the prayers.

June 2021 News

We have set the date of 16th June, 7.30, for our next meeting and these are the agreed categories for questions:

English literature - Sue P.
Regional food – Sheila
Children’s TV – Jan
Musicals – Wendy
Royal family – Heather
Animals – Lynda
National Trust properties – Sue F

May 2021 News

This year, we have started to hold monthly Zoom meetings while we are still unable to meet up due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  Sadly, not everybody is able to join in but we look forward to the day when we are all able to meet in person again. Our May Zoom meeting is at 7.30 on 26th May. I will send out the joining link shortly before the meeting. We are to have another quiz but, this time, everybody is to choose their own category for their 5 questions. Please email everybody with your category prior to the meeting. Categories so far are:

Heather - famous people, Sue F. American literature, Jan - regional food, Wendy - roads, Lynda - waterways of the world, Sue P - Hercule Poirot, Sheila Hinds - The Bible.


February 2021 News

We are going to give a box of heroes to each of the 3 care homes in Hartshill, 385g boxes for Linden and Oldbury and 290g for The Stables.  Sue F. will get them and Sally will send Sue a message to put on them.  Sue F. will deliver to Linden Grange and she’ll take the other 2 to Sally’s. 


May 2020 News

Hello friends, I hope that you are all staying safe and well. I've been thinking of you all a lot this week as I updated the MU Diocesan website and edited the magazine.

I've added a few documents to the Diocesan website at https://www.mothersunioncoventry.com/news , including Jane's letter and the prayer diary for May. You should all have received your copy of Families Worldwide in the post and the urgent appeal from Mary Sumner House but, if you haven't, please let me know as it will indicate that there is something wrong with the central database.

I know that some of you have been making things for key workers. For info, I added a Covid-19 projects page to the Diocesan website at https://www.mothersunioncoventry.com/copy-of-news (I know it's a stupid name but the tool I used to create it has beaten me).

Here is the May magazine. Heather is sending it out by email to those she has email addresses for but I think some mail servers are stopping it due to the size of the distribution list (mine seems to be) and so please feel free to pass it on. Getting things twice is better than not at all! The e-magazine is free and so not restricted to subscribers. I will send a paper copy to Mum, Beryl and Rita.

If any of you have any information you would like to share, please send it to me. Thinking of you all.

love Sue xxx

March 2020 News

Sadly, due to Coronavirus, we will be unable to meet for the foreseeable future. Please keep an eye on the Coventry Diocese MU News page as I am endeavouring to keep it up to date with everything which I receive. Also, Heather is sending periodic emails to those members of Hartshill and Galley Common churches for whom she has emails and so, if you are not receiving those and you would like to, please let Heather or I know. If anybody requires any help, we are all here for each other.

I am also adding the services, prayers and letters which Heather sends out weekly to the publications page.

Please stay safe and love to you all. God bless, Sue x

February 2020 News

There were only 5 of us at our AGM but we carried on regardless. Thank you Sheila for doing the minutes so promptly.

Our membership is now down to 11 members + 1 indoor member and there is unfortunately a general downward trend in membership in branches throughout the UK. Heather and I attended the Nuneaton Deanery meeting on 24th February where it was announced that Exhall afternoon group has closed and Stockingford is closing at the end of the year. We will try to persuade Stockingford members to join our branch.

I have published our programme for 2020 but it still has a few gaps to fill. I decided to add Deanery and Diocesan events too so that you have all of the information in one place.

At our next meeting on March 18th, we will discuss how to fill the holes in the programme and arrangements for Mothering Sunday, prior to making some more Snuggle Bears and Crosses. As last time, if you would like to knit a snuggle bear and have knitting needles, size 3.5mm or 4mm (roughly UK size 9 or 10), please bring them. If you would like to make a cross and have a tapestry needle, please bring it. I have everything else.

I have also updated the gallery page.


Jan 2020

Happy New Year to all of you! I have changed the date of January's meeting to 22nd January. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

February is our AGM and I will have almost completed 6 years as branch leader. I would be happy to step down as branch leader if somebody else would like to take on the role and so please prayerfully consider whether you would like to take it on. If you have any items which you would like to add to the agenda, please let me know. As usual, the main item for the agenda is this year's programme and so please come with lots of ideas!

December 2019 News

Thank you for all your efforts creating snuggle bears and "cross in my pocket"s at the November meeting. Everybody semed to enjoy it. I have re-used the "poppy" tree for 2017 as the basis for this year's Christmas wreath which you can see in Church.

Heather and I attended the MU Advent services at Emscote, Warwick. It was a wonderful service. It included songs from the local Primary School children, two enrolments, three long service certificates, presentation of gifts for prisoners' children and an inspiring address from Rev Diane Thompson.

I am sure we are all looking forward to our Christmas party on Wednesday 18th December at 7pm in the conservatory and library. I have attached the details of the party, including the food list so far. I have invited a few ladies who are not members of MU and please feel free to invite anybody else who you think would like to come.

I am delighted that Vicar Heather will be joining us for our January meeting to share her visit to the Holy Land with us.


October/November 2019 News

We enjoyed a very interesting talk last night from Brenda and Dave of Q4IS. Brenda showed some of the beautiful quilts she has made for injured servicemen and shared some of their inspiring stories with us.

Our November meeting is a week later than usual on November 27th. We will be making "cross in my pocket"s and snuggle bears for Sally to take to GEH but we are also using these to create our Christmas wreath. If you would like to knit a snuggle bear and have knitting needles, size 3.5mm or 4mm (roughly UK size 9 or 10), please bring them. If you would like to make a cross and have a tapestry needle, please bring it. I have everything else.

We will also plan the Christmas party which is in the conservatory and library at 7pm on 18th December.

If you have any toiletries for Bob Jakin ward please bring them.


September 2019 News

Apologies that I didn't make it to the summer party but I am sure that the select group of you who made it enjoyed it.

We had to cancel our September meeting too due to lack of members' availability but I thought we could make cross in my pockets and snuggle bears at the November meeting instead and use them for our Christmas wreath. See news for March/April for instructions.


We were delighted to host Nuneaton Deanery service on Thursday 26/9. We celebrated the Community of the Cross of Nails. We were also delighted to welcome new members Debbie (Hartshill) and Sheila (Exhall) to Mothers' Union.

I am sorry that so many of you were unable to attend. We missed you, especially as we all also had to work really hard! Thank you to everybody who helped out, including non members who helped out and members who helped out in absentia. Including the raffle, we raised £130 for Nuneaton Deanery funds for Mothers’ Union projects. 

At our meeting on October 16th, we are pleased to welcome Brenda Lincoln who is visiting us to talk about her work making Quilts for Injured Soldiers. Brenda relies on donations to fund the quilts which cost £110 each to make and so please bring any friends who you think will be interested.


Service plan

Heather will be leading the service and Sally will be assisting.  Jane Hill will be enrolling.

Lynda + Heather G. welcomer required. Sue F. will provide the service sheets

Heather G. will be carrying the banner

Debbie will do the first reading

Brenda Mosse from Mancetter, second reading

welcomers to do the collection

Sharon, digital piano

Someone required to operate the powerpoint

Cakes to be provided by Jan, Beryl, Heather, Sally, Sue F

Vince and Sally to put up tables from 1pm

3 required on refreshments (Heather, Vince and Lynda) Sue F. will bring tea, coffee, milk and t towels

Beryl Douglas from Mancetter and Mandy Williams from Exhall on raffle (Sue to provide tickets and £10 float)

Jane Hill to bring badges, certificates and Cross of Nails


If you have any toiletries for Bob Jakin ward, I am sure Sally will take them at the service.

Members' Day is on Oct 12th, 10am (coffee) for 10.30 – 3pm, St Andrew’s Shottery CV37 9HQ. If anyone wants a lift, please let me know as I will be going.


July 2019/August News

I hope you all enjoyed our MULOA session with Felicity and Karen in June. I found it very inspiring.

Please don't forget toiletries for Bob Jakin ward if you have any. .

There is a strawberry tea at Attleborough on Thursday July 18th at 2-30pm. Jill would like an idea of how many will be coming.

Also, St Mary’s, Atherstone MU cordially invite you to a service to celebrate Mary Sumner Day on Thursday 8th August at 7.00pm. There will be a bring & share supper and raffle. The theme is “Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and Alice in Wonderland”. Please feel free to dress as one of the characters, but this is NOT obligatory


June 2019/July News

Thank you to our curate, Sharon, for her very interesting talk in May about her work for University Hospital in supporting groups and volunteers delivering community care to those with illness and other problems.

Heather and I greatly enjoyed the "Thy Kingdom Come" service at Coventry Cathedral on May 31st. Heather did a sterling job serving teas to the congregation which was thankfully vast compared to last year! Hopefully, some of you will have seen the live streaming on facebook. We also enjoyed Felicity's exhibition "100 Years of Mothers' Union in Coventry Diocese". It will also be on display at St John's Kenilworth around the weekend of 3rd/4th August, and is available to travel around after that, if anyone has a free hall. Do we have anywhere we could display it?

I have the latest edition of "Families Worldwide" and I don't seem to have given out many copies of "Link Up" which I have had for a while! I probably forgot last month. I will distribute them at the June meeting and, for anybody who can't make it, I will leave your copies in the MU box at the back of the Church. Please help yourself when you are next at Church.

One of our activities for September is to make "Cross in My Pocket"(s) for the hospital. I have some plastic grids which I will bring to the June meeting in case anybody would like to start early.

Our summer party is a week earlier than our usual meeting on 10th July in the Conservatory here at Church. I will bring a food list to the June meeting.


May/June 2019 News

Apologies for cancelling last months meeting at short notice but the MULOA actvity wouldn't have been worthwhile with so few of us. However, I am pleased to say that we have managed to reschedule it for June.

We are looking forward to welcoming our curate, Sharon, to our May meeting. Also, if you have any toiletries for Bob Jakin ward, Sally will be pleased to take them.

There are also a few other things going on in May. On Thursday 16th, Members’ Evening will be at Holy Trinity Church, Attleborough, Nuneaton CV11 4TS. Refreshments will be served from 6.30pm in the church hall and the meeting will start at 7pm in the church. After the business meeting, updates, and a short presentation about Kapsabet Diocese, the main focus will be on Prison Ministry and the work of MU members. Rev Emma Higgins, Prison Chaplain will also give us an insight into some of her work.

On 31st May at 2pm, MU are delighted to once again be hosting our Thy Kingdom Come Global Service at Coventry Cathedral. Members and non-members alike are welcome to come to this very special family service, suitable for all ages. It will be attended by our new Worldwide President Sheran Harper and other guests. This fun, family service is open to all please bring your friends, children, grand children etc! All are welcome! Children's activities are available in the Cathedral from 12 noon.

Also, there is an exhibition of '100 Years of Mothers’ Union in Coventry Diocese'; an exhibition of pictures, stories and artefacts from 1919 to the present.


March/April 2019 News

Thank you for your input at our AGM. I felt it went very well and we have an exciting programme ahead. Thank you to Gill for taking excellent minutes. I've emailed the suggested speakers (just) and so will hopefully soon complete the programme.

Debbie mentioned that she was knitting little teddies for dementia patients and this is the link. We are planning to make these at the September meeting. Also, "Cross in my pocket", see instructions. If anyone wants to make crosses now, I have some plastic grids which I will bring to the April meeting.

Thank you to those of you who helped with the Mothering Sunday posies and cake sale. We took £40, with which we purchased a "Gain Parenting Skills" Make a Mother's Day gift. 

Lynda, Heather and I attended the Lady Day service at Bedworth on Monday 25th. It was very enjoyable. Rev. Michael presented each of the MU branches in Nuneaton Deanery with beautiful gifts from Kaspabet Diocese in Kenya. He also gave the Deanery some MU fabric with which we will make scarves to sell in aid of Kaspabet Diocese. Elisabeth Smitham from Fillongley has already made a start.


February/March 2019 News

It is our AGM in March and so please think about what you would like us to do in the next 12 months. Yvonne is unfortunately away and so I will need somebody to take the minutes. We will also discuss Mothering Sunday. Sally will be collecting any toiletries for Bob Jakin ward. Also, if you have any blankets for Chintowa, please bring them.

I've purchased some cards from MUe with a view to selling them at meetings. I will bring them to Wednesday's meeting.

January/February 2019 News

Thank you to Ruth for her most enjoyable talk on her visit to the Holy Land.

In addition to our usual meeting in February, we will be hosting Deanery Prayers in the library at 10am on Monday 25th February. Heather will be leading us in prayer.

Our Diocesan President, Jane, is currently in our partner diocese, Kaspabet in Kenya, with a group from Coventry Diocese, led by Bishop John. You can read more about the trip on the Coventry Mothers' Union website.

Attleborough's new curate Revd. Ann Poultney will be leading a Mothers' Union Lady Day service at All Saints Church in Bedworth on Monday 25th March at 2pm.

Sally and I met with Heather to discuss the Mothering Sunday Service on 31st March. We will be making posies again for the service. I would also like us to sell cakes again in aid of "Make a Mother's Day" after the service as we did last year. It is a 10am Communion service. If anybody has any other ideas, please let me know.

MU are delighted to once again be hosting Thy Kingdom Come Global Service at Coventry Cathedral. Members and non-members alike are welcome to come to this very special family service, suitable for all ages. It will be attended by our new Worldwide President Sheran Harper and other guests, at Coventry Cathedral on the 31st May at 2pm. This fun, family service is open to all please bring your friends, children, grand children etc! All are welcome! There will be an activity for children prior to the service. As last year, the service will be broadcast live on the www. Last year's service was not well publicised and hence not very well attended. As we know well in advance this year, let's make an effort to go!

December 2018/January 2019 News

Happy New Year! I hope you all enjoyed our Christmas Party.

I look forward to seeing you all at our meeting on January 16th. Ruth Taylor will be visiting us again, following her most enjoyable visit last year, to tell us more about her visit to the Holy Land.

I have started to put together the programme for 2019 but we currently have no activity for February. Does anybody have any suggestions? Please email me if you do!

The AGM will be in March. Heather will have completed her 3 years as Treasurer and so the post is up for re-election. Please consider whether you would like to take on this role. Heather is also treasurer for Nuneaton Deanery and so she would like to spread the load a little more! I already have some exciting sessions lined up on the programme but please have a think about what else you would like to do before the AGM.

Please continue to bring toiletries for Bob Jakin ward at George Eliot hospital. Sally says that they are proving very useful. As a reminder, we decided that we would donate toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, combs. They are for emergency use and so small budget products are suitable.

On January 28th 10.15 (coffee from 9.45) – 12.15 at Exhall St Giles Church, there will be a meeting for Deanery Chairs, Branch Leaders/contacts and Treasurers. This will be an opportunity to hear more about developments during the next year, to discuss future plans and to join together in fellowship. If anyone is interested in taking on a leadership role now or in the future, you are very welcome to attend.

On February 2nd, the Commissioning Service for Diocesan President and Trustees will be held at 2pm at St John’s Church Kenilworth CV8 1HY. Unfortunately, the Candlemas lunch at St Paul's Stockingford falls on the same day. Gill Laycock has asked how many people will be attending the Candlemas lunch and so I'll take a count at the next meeting.

November/December 2018 News

I've had a lot of favourable comments about our "Shepherd and sheep" Christmas Wreath. Thank you to everybody who contributed. We all had great fun making it.

Those of us who went to see Warwick Poppies with Needles and Natter enjoyed the display (and the lunch) immensely. The volunteer guides at St Mary's were Mothers' Union members.

Wendy, Lynda, Dorothy and I enjoyed the Diocesan Advent service at Bulkington.


I look forward to seeing you all at the Christmas Party on December 19th. For details, please see the Christmas Party document. I have invited a few ladies who are not members of MU but please feel free to invite other people who may be interested in the work of MU, including men!

October/November 2018 News

Alistair Crooks delivered a very interesting presentation about the work of the Mission Aviation Fellowship. Sadly, only 7 of us were able to attend but we all enjoyed it. MAF uses planes to transform the lives of the world's most isolated people in need. We learned that MAF collects postcards to raise thousands of pounds for their vital work.  They have a fantastic team of volunteers who sell postcards to help fund their life-transforming flights. Last year, by selling postcards on ebay and the like, they raised a staggering £25,000! Do you have some postcards you'd like to donate? They would love to receive both new and used postcards.  If you do have any postcards to donate, please put them in the box on the table at the back of the Church.

Again, thank you for all your toiletries for Bob Jakin ward. Please continue to bring toiletries to meetings.

The main activity at the October meeting is the creation of our Christmas wreath. We are going with the idea of pom pom sheep. I have enough pom pom makers for everybody but they are all 55mm. If anyone wants to make a bigger pom pom, please feel free to bring your own pom pom maker. I will bring wool, felt, googley eyes, a wreath base and a knitted shepherd (hopefully!) and some copydex. If you have any materials you think would be useful, please bring them. Also, extra scissors and neeedles would be useful.

We will also discuss the Christmas party, which is on 19th December ( not 12th as previously stated on the programme), at the meeting.

I still have 13 books of raffle tickets for the Christmas raffle. If anyone would like a book to sell, please let me know. If you would like to purchase a raffle ticket, you can purchase one at the meeting.

If you would like to join the trip to Warwick Poppies on November 22nd (see previous news) please email me before Friday so that I can sort out transport arrangements before I go on holiday.

A Coffee morning (with cakes) is to be held for Jane and visitors from Kenya in the Nuneaton Deanery at Attleborough Church on 15th November at 10.15am. Wendy O'brien emailed "Please make a special effort to attend as Jane Hill will be bringing visitors from our new Overseas Link to the Nuneaton Deanery and it is important that we show them our warmest hospitality.  To that end please all bring some cakes to share."

I'll also remined you that the Diocesan Advent Service is at 11am on Monday December 3rd at St James Church, School Rd, Bulkington, Bedworth, CV12 9JB.


September/October 2018 News

Thank you to Carol Collins for providing such an enjoyable evening where each of us successfully made a hedgehog from a book .I've added a photo to the Gallery page. Carol and her friend Nina make a variety of things from books which they sell in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. Carol and Nina said they would be happy to visit again next year.

Thank you for all your toiletries for Bob Jakin ward. Sally says they are much appreciated. Please continue to bring toiletries to meetings.

Wendy and Rose took the poppies which we have created, together with Needles and Natter and friends, to St Mary's, Warwick. Needles and Natter are planning a trip to see the poppies on the morning of Thursday November 22nd. We could make it a combined trip with MU. Please consider before the next meeting. We plan to go by car and so we would need more cars and drivers.

I have received 15 books of raffle tickets for Mothers' Union's first official Christmas raffle. Tickets are £1 each and the prizes are £2000, £1000 and 5 x £100. If you would like to take a book to sell, please let me know. MU require stubs and payments by 14th December.

Please read Jane's letter for October

There is currently no MUe representative for the Diocese. You can buy everything online but you have to pay postage for orders under £50. I am intending to purchase some Christmas cards and I would be happy to order cards for all of you too. You can find the Christmas cards at https://mueshop.org/product-category/mothers-union-cards/seasonal-cards/christmas-cards/

Last years Christmas cards are all at ridiculously low prices! If you would like to purchase some cards, please let me know (by email preferably or otherwise at the October meeting). I will take payment at the October meeting and then submit the order. I am also happy to order anything else from the MUe shop too. I'll also bring the catalogue to the meeting for those members who don't have PC access.

Please bring any ideas for the Christmas wreath to the October meeting, or email them to me beforehand. Ideas so far:

We each make a pom pom sheep and one of us knits a shepherd (Sue)


July/August 2018 News

We shared a lovely evening of delicious food, fun games and lively chatter at our Summer Party which Sally kindly hosted again. As always, thank you to Sally, Richard and Vicky for all the work you put into the evening. It was lovely to be joined by Sharon C., Sharon R. and Jean. We missed Heather G., Yvonne, Rita and Beryl, sorry you couldn't make it.

summer party July 2018

Thank you for all the toiletries for the hospital. The next meeting is in September.

June/July 2018 News

We had a very productive evening knitting poppies for Warwick Poppies at June's Mothers' Union. I've added a photo to the Gallery page. To answer some of the questions about the poppies, I've copied this from Warwick Poppies website FAQs:

The display will be a community tribute to mark the centenary of the end of the First World War. It will commemorate those who have served their country, and those whose lives have been touched by conflict.

Anytime between now and October 2018. Any poppies that are donated before the end of the exhibition will be added to the display.

Poppies can be made in whatever way you choose – e.g. knitted, crocheted, felt, sewn, carved, painted, paper, embroidered etc.

As discussed at our meeting, Sally will be happy to take toiletries to Bob Jakin ward at George Eliot hospital, where she is a visitor. Many people have no toiletries when they are admitted to hospital and so we decided that we would donate toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, combs. They are for emergency use and so small budget products are suitable. If you would like to donate, please bring them to the barbecue at Sally's.

Heather G. is away until September and so I have decided to bring the sunshine tin to the barbecue as it hasn't been out since April and so is probably a bit empty. This is the list of food and drink you volunteered for the barbecue. If you weren't there to fill it in, just fill in the gaps as you see fit.


May/June 2018 News

There were only 7 of us at the Deanery Service at Exhall but we enjoyed it and punched above our weight with the cake eating. I have added a couple of photos to the Gallery page.

We have altered the date of the June meeting to the 13th and we will be making poppies for Warwick poppies. I will bring the patterns and supplies of wool and felt but if anybody has any spare 4mm (size 8) needles, please bring them. If you want to make poppies out of anything else, please bring your own materials. If you want to bring anybody else, please do.

There is a strawberry tea in aid of "Summer of Hope" at St Paul's Stockingford on Thursday 14th June at 2pm. All are welcome.

I've added a few updates to the Coventry Diocese news page.

Our summer party will be at Sally's on the 25th July.

April/May 2018 News

We very much enjoyed our Diocesan Chaplain, Revd. Pam Gould's visit in April. It was interesting to hear why we all joined the Mothers' Union, thank you Pam.

In May, it is the Deanery Service at Exhall at 7pm. As it is on our meeting night, we will go as a group.

We discussed transport arrangements at April's meeting.

Sue F.will take Sheila, Dorothy and Yvonne

Wendy will take Jan, Sally and Gill Wilkes

Sue P. will take Rita, Beryl and Gill S.

Heather G. lives on the way to Exhall and so will travel alone (although Heather could pick up from Galley Common if necessary.)

We made some assumptions about people who were not at the last meeting and so please let me know if there are any problems and we can sort them out. I will take the banner and a cake.

The post code of St Giles Exhall is CV7 9GZ. It should take about 20 minutes. I use https://www.rac.co.uk/route-planner/ to plan my route (plus a sat nav) and I suggest going via Astley Lane, rather than via the A444, as the A444 gets blocked at that time of night in my experience.

**** If you have a printed copy of the programme, please note that the date for the coffee morning at Atherstone is wrong. It has already happened! ****


March/April 2018 News

It is with sadness that I announce that our friend and fellow member, Sandra Smith, passed peacefully away at home surrounded by her family on March 8th 2018. A memorial service will take place at Holy Trinity Church, Hartshill on Wednesday 4th April 2018 at 11.30 am where all are welcome. (Donations to Holy Trinity Church and Mary Ann Hospice at Home may be sent to M G Evans & Sons Funeral Directors, Holmville House, Long Street, Atherstone, Warwickshire, CV9 1AX)

Sandra was a much loved member of Hartshill Mothers’ Union. Sandra also had friends in the wider Mothers’ Union, having been a member for 25 years and attended numerous Deanery and Diocesan events.  We will all miss Sandra and we will never forget her.  May she rest in peace and rise in glory.

February/March 2018 News

Thank you to those of you who attended Deanery Prayers in February. I apologise to those of you who planned to come but I confused about the date. Thank you also to Heather for leading the prayers. There were about 20 in attendance which was very pleasing. I've attached the prayer pamphlet we produced for the Deanery Prayer meeting.

We held our AGM in February, see minutes; this year's programme seemed to come together quite easily! Thank you to everybody for your suggestions.

Thank you for all your help with the Mothering Sunday service. We raised £40 for “Make a Mother’s Day”.

January 2018 News

We enjoyed an evening of good food, fellowship and fun at our Chrismas party at Sally's. I am sorry that there were a few of you who could not attend due to illness; we missed you! We also hosted Mary, Joseph and their donkey at our Posada. I have added a photo to the Gallery page. We donated £34 to the Mothers' Union Christmas Appeal in lieu of sending Christmas cards to each other.

I hope you all had a chance to see the Christmas Wreath at the festival in December. You can also see a photo of the wreath on the Gallery page.

Sandra, Heather, Dorothy and I enjoyed the Advent Service at Wellesbourne. Hopefully, we will all be able to attend next year as it is at Bulkington!

Apologies that I can't make the January meeting. Wendy will bring the Linkee game which we have so far never got round to playing.

The AGM will be in February.  I have published the 2018 programme with gaps. If you have any ideas for speakers or activities, please let me know. A new speakers list was published by the Diocese in October 2017. Also, several branches have sent me their programmes for this year which I have published on the Diocesan website and so you might like to peruse those for ideas. I would rather have too may ideas!

Also, in February, we are hosting Deanery Prayers on Monday 12th February at 10am in the Vestry. Heather B. will be leading the prayers.

On January 22nd 10.15 (coffee from 9.45) – 12.15 at Exhall St Giles Church, there will be a meeting for Deanery Chairs, Branch Leaders/contacts and Treasurers. This will be an opportunity to hear more about developments during the next year, to discuss future plans and to join together in fellowship. If anyone is interested in taking on a leadership role now or in the future, you are very welcome to attend.

I suggest that we make posies again for the service on Mothering Sunday which is March 11th. I would also like to sell cakes in aid of "Make a Mother's Day" after the service as we did last year. It is a 9am Communion service.

The theme for 2018 is "In Mary Sumner's Footsteps"


November/December 2017 News

Thank you to those of you who managed last month's meeting in my absence. I was sorry to miss it as I wanted to hear Alice Farnhill talking about the Reconciliation Ministry and Community of the Cross of Nails

Apologies but I have had to move the AGM to February as, unfortunately, I can’t make it (again!) in January.  As it is rather short notice to get a speaker in for January, does anybody have an idea for an activity for January please?

I am looking forward to the Christmas Party at Sally's. Don't forget your 'secret santa' gift.  Shall we donate to the MU Christmas Appeal in lieu of Christmas cards this year?  Is it a 7pm start as usual Sally?  If anybody has any games they would like to bring, please bring them.

(The Christmas Appeal is to help women around the world experiencing gender-based violence.)

Gill S. is bringing a quiz or quizzes.

This is the list so far for Christmas Party food.

Sandra, Heather, Mum and I are going to the Advent Service at Wellesbourne on Monday. I will take the banner.  If anybody else would like to attend, I believe there are still a couple of spaces on the coach from Exhall.  Let me know and I will enquire.

I’ve almost finished our contribution to the Christmas Wreath festival.  I’ve used our knitted poppies but, instead of a wreath shape, I’ve put them on a 2D Christmas tree.


October/November 2017 News

Apologies but I can’t make it to Wednesday’s meeting but Sally has kindly agreed to take my place. Alice Farnhill will be talking to you about the Reconciliation Ministry and Community of the Cross of Nails. I am very sorry to be missing it but I have had to move my holiday in the Lakes forward a week, a feeble excuse I know. Nick added the information to last week’s notices and so I am hoping that there will be some additional visitors.

Heather is on prayers and Beryl and Rita are down for refreshments. However, Beryl and Rita are both unwell and so I am seeking volunteers to do refreshments.

I've added some pictures from last month's meeting to the Gallery page.

If you have any poppies for our Christmas wreath, would you mind giving them to Dorothy please?

I’m looking forward to the Christmas party . Sally will circulate the bring and share list at Wednesday’s meeting.

I decided to hold our AGM in January next year. I will have complete 3 years as branch leader and so the position has to be re-elected. I am happy to stand again but, if anybody else wants to take on the role, I would not mind.

Our Diocesan Advent Service is on Monday 4th December, 11am St Peter’s Church Wellesbourne CV35 9LS. All are welcome to join us on this wonderful occasion of worship, as we prepare for the Christmas season. I have booked seats on the coach from Exhall for Heather, Sandra, Dorothy and myself. However, I think there are still 2 seats available if anybody wants to go on the coach, cost £7.50. I could fit 2 more in the car to and from Exhall but let me know soon.

September/October 2017 News

Thank you Abigail and Bethany for telling us about your trip to India. I loved your beautiful Indian clothes.

Next month we will be putting together 6 boxes for Operation Christmas Child. This is the list of what has been promised so far. If you would like to contribute and have not yet filled in the list, please let me know which items you want to provide. For information, see the OCC website. The items which are most missing are the 3 small toys per child and the 'Wow' items, see "What goes in my shoebox". I'll bring the shoeboxes and labels etc.

There are no other activities planned for the October meeting and filling the shoe boxes shouldn't take long and so I will take the opportunity to provide feedback from the Members Day.

I've written an article for our Church magazine about poppies. I've included some information about "Warwick Poppies", including a knitting pattern. My thought was that we could create a Wreath for the Christmas Wreath Festival here using poppies and then donate them the Warwick Poppies installation next year. However, if you have any other suggestions for the Christmas Wreath, please bring them to the meeting for discussion.

Also, just a reminder that Members' Day is at Bidford on Avon on Saturday 14th October. Heather G. and I will be going. I have 2 seats left in my car and so, if you want to go, please let me know.

August/September 2017 News

Thank you as always to Sally and family for hosting our fantastic summer barbecue. Sorry that some of you couldn't be there. Those of us who could had a great time. Sorry that I forgot to appoint a quiz writer. Gill S. has kindly volunteered to devise a quiz for the Christmas party.

I am delighted that Abigail and Bethany Kinderman will be talking to us about their visit to India at the September meeting. We will also need to discuss the plan for the Operation Christmas Child boxes which we are putting together at the October meeting. Also, October is our month for donations to SARC, although we need to consider our response now that Boots are providing toiletry packs.

I've recently received kind donations of lovely knitted teddies from Linda at 'needles and natter' and Jean Mansfield. You can see them on the Gallery page. Half of the teddies have been donated to Chintowa Development Trust via Lynda and the others were taken by Heather G. to HMP Onley.

Please don't forget to keep an eye on the Coventry Diocese MU website as I don't repeat information on this website that I've put on there. In particular, see the home page for information about Members' Day, the Deanery page for information about September's Deanery service and the 'letter from Jane'. Members' Day is at Bidford on Avon which is quite a hike from Hartshill but I have 2 seats left in my car if you want to go.


June/July 2017 News

Apologies for scheduling a knitting evening for the hottest day of the year so far. We'll do the next one in the winter. I've added some photos of the knitted items we have made and donated so far this year to the gallery page.

Several of you have brought to MU knitted items donated by friends and families and I have passed them on to Mary James. They have been donated to George Eliot Hospital, University Hospital Coventry, Coffee Tots, Carriers of Hope and other charities. Mary said that she likes to send a' thank you' card to non MU members who have given items and so I will bring some to the next meeting. I think it would be simpler if we did this ourselves and so I would be very grateful if you would write a card to the generous donors who give knitted items to you please.


May/June 2017 News

Thank you Ruth telling us about your trip to the Holy Land. It was most enjoyable.

June's meeting is a knit and natter. I have 3 partly constructed blankets and so, if you have nothing else to do, I would welcome some help with those. I am having difficulties due to lack of matching wool and so if you have any odd bits of wool which migh be useful, I would be very grateful if you would bring them.

Sally has kindly agreed to host the July barbecue.  Sally will not be at June's meeting and so please don’t let me forget to send round the list for who is bringing what.

There is a strawberry tea at St Paul's, Stockinford on 15th May to which we are invited. See https://www.mothersunioncoventry.com/nuneaton-deanery

April/May 2017 News

Thank you to Felicity for her very stimulating talk on "Passionate About Parenting". I particularly enjoyed discussing scenarios, even if it did invoke much giggling.

We were very sad to hear the news of the death of our former Diocesan president, Di Sliwinski, on April 25th. Di visited us in September 2015 and Heather G. was vice president during Di's presidency.

Heather and I enjoyed Members' Evening on April 26th at Stoke St Michael's. We had a "market place" of displays and activities, including AFIA,CCN and 16 Days Campaign, Parenting, WSWTTC, Prison and prisoner family support, Prayer, Website, facebook, Knitting,Support for groups, Fundraising,MUE, Publications.

We were delighted to host May's Nuneaton Deanery Festival at Holy Trinity, Hartshill. It was particularly special because we welcomed 2 new members; Gillian Smith and Gillian Wilkes, celebrated 50 years of membership for 2 members; Rita Bennett and Jean Phillips,  and celebrated 25 years of membership for 6 members; Dorothy Beebe, Lynda Kelly, Sue Parr, Sandra Smith, Heather Greaves and Sally Young. That’s 250 years between them! There is a photo on the Gallery page. Several people have told me how much they enjoyed the service. Thank you to all of you for all of the hard work you put in to make it such a success!

Jane has sent out her May newsletter which can be seen on the Diocesan website at https://www.mothersunioncoventry.com/news


March/April 2017 News

Thank you to Heather for her excellent presentation on her visit to India and Butan.

Thank you to everybody who supported our posy making and the Mothering Sunday service and cake sale. We made £71 for 'Make a Mother's Day', very pleasing! There is a photo of the posy making on the Gallery page. There is also a photo of the knitted blankets and baby hat which I will be giving to Mary James for distribution.

There is some confusion over donations for 'Chapter One' since they were taken over by the Salvation Army and so we will give it a miss this April.

Also, Antony Mumford, the manager of the Blue Sky centre, sent this to Coventry MU; "On Friday we took delivery of some 160 made up toiletry packs which is an initiative from the Duchess of Cornwall for all SARCs  in the UK.  They are made up by Boots and contain everything a client might need. This is, I think, an ongoing supply so we will not be needing the toiletry donations that your members have so kindly donated to us over the last four years. We do need other supplies: clothing mainly, but I think there are some practical difficulties in your members providing that.  We wouldn’t want anything previously worn and so we usually buy cheap and cheerful jogging bottoms and T shirts etc from Asda or Tesco." So we need to think about our response to this news.

I am looking forward to welcoming Felicity Hawke in April to talk about "Passionate About Parenting".

Please keep an eye on the MU Diocesan website and our facebook page if you are able to. In particular, I have added the following to documents this week

Letter from Jane - March 2017

Key messages from Mothers’ Union Global Leadership Week, 12–19 March 2017

CEO Report to the Worldwide Council (WWC) of Mothers’ Union, March 2017

Also, I would encourage you to attend Members Evening on April 26th. In my experience, it's always a very enjoyable and informative evening.

I am really looking forward to the Deanery Service in May. Jane Hill has kindly agreed to enrol new members and present long service awards. As far as I am aware, the following Hartshill members are entitled to long service awards:

Dorothy, Heather, Lynda, Sue, Sandra, Lorna and Sally - over 25 years

Rita and Jean - over 50 years

We will also be very happy to enrol Gill Smith and Gill Wilkes as members of the Mothers' Union.

Please let me know if I am wrong or if you don't want or are unable to receive a certificate as I'm inclined to get carried away!

Jane may also enrol and present long service awards to members from other branches.

February/March 2017 News

Thank you for all your suggestions for activities and speakers at February's AGM and thank you to all of those who volunteered for prayers. I have updated the programme with activities until June and fully resourced prayers and refreshments. I will complete the programme for the rest of the year in due course.

Jan brought to my attention that George Eliot are appealing for knitted hats for babies. I think it would be a lovely thing for us to do and so I have added the baby hat pattern to our projects page so that you can print it off if you want to.

I am also looking forward to the Mothering Sunday service. Heather and Nick have agreed that we can sell cakes in aid of "Make a Mother's Day" after the service as discussed. Sally and Jan are already involved in the service and we will sort out who else is doing what at the March MU meeting. Incidentally, we made 70 posies last year.

I received a receipt from Operation Christmas Child, thank you. The boxes went to the Middle East.


January/February 2017 News

Thank you to Jane, our Diocesan President, for sharing her experience of South Sudan with us. I certainly found it fascinating. I have added a photo to our Facebook group. If you aren't a member of our Facebook group, why not?

As you know, our next meeting is our AGM. If you have any ideas for speakers or activities, please let me know. You can see out previous ideas on the program page. Also, several branches have sent me their programmes for this year which I have published on the Diocesan website and so you might like to peruse those for ideas. I would rather have too may ideas!

December/January 2017 News

Many thanks to Sally, Richard and Vicki for welcoming us to their home for our Christmas party. We had a fantastic time as always. Sorry that some of you were unable to make it, we missed you!

We donated £35.60 to Coffee Tots as a result of our collection in lieu of Christmas cards. I donated it online with the following message "This donation of £35.60 is the proceeds of a collection among members of Holy Trinity Church, Hartshill,  Mothers' Union at their Christmas party in lieu of sending Christmas cards to each other. We chose your charity on hearing of the excellent work you do." This is the email reply.

I hope you have all had the chance to view the lovely Christmas wreath created by Wendy with Jan's teddies ( see gallery)

We are delighted to be hosting the next Nuneaton Deanery Festival Service on Thursday 11th May 2017 at 7pm. Please note the change of date. There should be no problem with parking and we are able to provide refreshments in the hall on that date.

We look forward to welcoming our Diocesan president, Jane Hill, at our next meeting on January 18th.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you!

November/December 2016 News

Thank you to Mary James for her very interesting talk on Mothers' Union craft projects. If we have any knitting for Mothers' Union projects, I can give them to Mary for forwarding. I will endeavour to put the patterns Mary gave me onto the website asap.

We are all very much looking forward to the Christmas Party at Sally's. Rita suggested that we donate to Coffee Tots instead of sending Christmas cards and we agreed, so I will bring a container for donations. Don't forget your 'secret santa' gift. Jan and Wendy are bringing games and Heather is bringing a quiz. We created a list of who is bringing what food.

I hope to see some of you at the Advent Service at St Paul's, Stockingford on Monday 28th November at 11am. I will take the banner.

I'm looking forward to seeing all the Christmas Wreaths at the festival on 3rd December, but particularly ours. Thank you Wendy for creating it.

If anyone else would like to do prayers at our meetings, please let me know. With Judith's departure, Sally and Sue P. are currently our only volunteers. As an incentive, those on the prayer list will be removed from the refreshment list!

Please let me know what you would like our Diocesan president, Jane Hill, to talk about in January. Jane suggested "my MU journey and how I see things developing (not sure exactly what the title would be!) or I can talk about my visits to S Sudan and MU there - I have pictures with that."

Our AGM is in February. There are only a few gaps in our program for next year but please think about any talks you would like. Also, are there any things you think we should be doing that we aren't, or any things we are doing that we shouldn't be. If you prefer, please talk to me about them in advance.


October/November 2016 News

Thank you for all your contributions to Operation Christmas Child.  We packed 4 lovely boxes which I am sure will bring joy to the children who receive them.

Thank you for more teddies.  Wendy is creating a Christmas wreath using Jan's teddies and, when the Christmas wreath festival is over, we will give them to Heather G. to take to the prison she visits.  Jan, please thank your friend for the lovely teddies she knitted.  I also love the teddy print bags she made for them.  (Yes, there is another photo of teddies on the gallery page!) I will let you know where they find a home.

I look forward to greeting my friend, Mary James, to talk about crafts at next month’s meeting.

Sally has kindly offered to host our annual Christmas party again.  Note the date change, it is on Wednesday 14th December at 7pm.  It will be a bring and share supper and so we will decide who is bringing what next month.  Please bring  a wrapped gift, costing £3 to £5, for ‘secret santa’.  Shall we have a collection for a charity again instead of sending Christmas cards? ( For discussion at next month's meeting.)


September/October 2016 News

Sincere thanks to Christine Cooke for her very interesting talk on Prison visiting at our September meeting. It is always interesting to hear about Action and Outreach projects within our own Diocese. If you would like to hear more, don't forget Member's Day on Saturday 8th October (see program). Our worldwide president, Lynne Tenby will be in attendance.

Don't forget that you will also have the opportunity to meet Lynne at the Deanery Service at Atherstone on Thursday 6th October at 2pm. If you are attending and you would like to carry the banner, please let me know. I have been warned that it may be cold in the church and so wrap up well!

Thank you for all your knitting for Chinthowa and toiletries for SARC. I have added pictures of some of the blankets and teddies to the Gallery page. I know that Jan is bringing some Teddies for Tragedies to the next meeting and so, if anybody else has any, I will be seeking a home for them from the Diocesan office.

It was very sad to say farewell to Judith who has been a member of Hartshill Mothers' Union for 22 years, almost since the start! I hope that Judith enjoys her new Mothers' Union down in Taunton (nearly) as much as ours. You are always welcome at our meetings, Judith, if you ever come back to visit!

I have created a plan to fill 3 boxes for Operation Christmas Child in October and members initialed items they would like to bring at the September meeting. (I updated the plan but I couldn't read all of the initials and so I just asterisked where there were initials I couldn't read.) Several of you were not at the September meeting and so, if you would like to contribute, please let me know which items you want to provide. For reference, I have downloaded information on how to pack a box. There are no other activities planned for the October meeting and filling the shoe boxes shouldn't take long and so I will take the opportunity to provide feedback from the Members Day. We will also be discussing our Christmas Wreath. Please think of some ideas and, if you would like to create the wreath, a volunteer would be very welcome!

Please don't forget to visit the Coventry Diocese MU website. Also, we are trying to restart the Facebook page and so, if you are on Facebook, please visit it and 'like' it. Also, if you have any interesting MU related news to share, please post it on the Facebook page page.

You can now find this website at hartshillmu.uk. (It still takes you to little-blue-boat/mu but I thought it was easier to remember and/or type.)


July/August 2016 News

Sally's barbecue was very enjoyable as always. Thank you to all of you for your contributions but thanks especially to Sally, Richard and Vicky.

Sandra has written an excellent article about our visit to the Society of Friends which can be found in the middle of the August/September church magazine

Margaret and Brian (Chintowa) are hoping to have everything ready by the end of September for the container to Malawi.  As MU aren't meeting in August, could MU members bring in any items to church please? Lynda will take them home in readiness for a collection date.  Lynda will still take any late items at the MU September meeting and hopefully get them to Margaret in time for the container. The main items for Chintowa are blankets and teddies which don't conform to the Teddies for tragedies pattern. I have put a labelled Tesco bag at the back of the church, under the table, for any contributions.

Please bring items for SARC, Aim for Change and Teddies for Tragedies to the September meeting as originally planned.

Wendy brought to my attention that Carriers of Hope are asking for school uniform knitted jumpers in bottle green, purple, royal blue, maroon, navy or bright red, see their website or ring Sue Sampson by calling 02476 456 356 for further details.

Please check the Program as I have changed the November activity. Judith attended a very interesting talk by Mary James at the WI and suggested that we would be interested, and so I booked Mary for November.

Various members have attended 2 excellent Deanery events over the last month, Exhall's 125th Anniversary coffee morning and Atherstone Mary Sumner Day Service. I have put a couple of photos on the gallery page.

Note that the Advent Service will be at St Paul's, Stockingford this year and so we don't have to trek across the county! Also note that the Deanery Service has changed date. It is now at Atherstone on Thursday 6th October at 2pm.


Please read the 2 communications from our Diocesan president Jane Hill, Jane's September letter and MU Cov Diocese meeting dates 2016


June/July 2016 News

Many thanks to Miriam, Clare and Jane for entertaining and informing us so well at the Society of Friends. I now know who Nathaniel Newton was. As I was a pupil of what is now Nathaniel Newton infants school, I am ashamed that I didn't know.

Our next meeting is our Summer Barbecue at Sally's. I have typed up the list of who is bringing what. If those of you who were not at the June meeting let me know what you intend to bring, I will update the list.

The strawberry tea at Attleborough has been rearranged for Thursday 23rd June at 2pm (EU referendum day). Gill has asked for numbers and so, if you intend to go, can you let me know in the next few days please?

I have received the order forms for next years diaries, calendars and Families First and they have to be returned by July 31st. Please let me know if you would like any of them. The prices are as follows:

Diary £3.85, A4 calendar £1.35, Year planner £2.85, Families First £10.50.

I also have a new MU catalogue featuring ethical products and the May/June edition of Families First.I will put them into the MU box on the table at the back of the Church. Please feel free to borrow them and return them when you have finished with them.

I have not yet booked the speakers for the September and November meetings but I intend to sort them out after the barbecue. We set up the program some time ago and so, if you have since thought of anything else you would like to do and would prefer to replace one of the meetings with that, please let me know before or at the barbecue. I will also put some thought into the organisation of our contribution to Operation Christmas Child before the next meeting.


May/June 2016 News

Many thanks to Christine Temple for her very enjoyable talk "God has a plan for You". I found it very insightful.

Thank you for those who helped out at Deanery Prayers, especially to Heather B. for leading the prayers and Sheila for doing refreshments. Heather themed it around the Lord's Prayer and everybody said how much they enjoyed it.

I am also looking forward to our next meeting at the Society Of Friends. The address is 112 Castle Rd, Hartshill, Nuneaton CV10 0SG for those who are not familiar with it. Just carry on past Holy Trinity towards Mancetter and it is on the right before the Green. I told Miriam that we would start at about 7.45, just in case anybody forgets and goes to our Church ( I will go there to pick up stragglers.) I haven't put anyone down for prayers but I have prepared a couple. Our Friends will provide the refreshments.

Sally has kindly agreed to host our summer barbecue at her house again. We will start at the earlier time of 7pm on 20th July. The usual rules apply, Sally will provide protein and we will take accompaniments.

I have added Mary James' pattern for Prayer Shawls to the Projects page. I think I mentioned at the last meeting that Coventry Diocese are knitting "Huggy Blankets" which are like Prayer blankets for the Myton Hospice. These are given to the children of patients in the hospice. The child and parent can wrap them around themselves. The child can then take comfort in this blanket in the sad days ahead. They are particularly short of shawls for boys and would welcome shawls in football colours. The pattern is quite plain but you can alter the stitches as much as you like, as long as they are roughly the right size. There are also lots of prayer shawl patterns on the WWW if you are interested.

There are quite a lot of new Deanery dates and so please check the program.

I received this email from Rosemary Jacobs. " Hello, we are having an outing on the 9th July to Trentham gardens cost of coach £12.00 gardens £8.00 last year was a success so we are repeating it, if any one from the branches wish to join us do please let me know, also we would like to know how many may be likely to attend our service and supper for Mary Sumner 9th August, regards to all Rosemary Jacobs." If you would like to attend the Trentham Gardens trip, please contact Rosemary directly (rosemary.jacobs41@gmail.com or 01827 714445).

For those of you who don't yet have your copies of LinkUp or Families Worldwide, they are currently in the MU box on the table at the back of the church with your name on, if you would like to collect them.


April/May 2016 News

Thank you Wendy for leading April's hymn singing and thank you for all your hymn suggestions. We made a joyful noise! Also, thank you for all your contributions of household items for Chapter 1. I delivered them on 4th May and Toby was very grateful. See the new photos on the Gallery page.

We are all looking forward May's meeting which is a talk on ‘God has a plan for You’ by Mrs Christine Temple, Lay Chaplaincy visitor at the hospital. Christine will welcome donations to 'The Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street' and so I will bring a tin.

I am looking forward to our hosting Deanery Prayers on Monday 23rd May at 9.45 for 10am. Sally has kindly volunteered to prepare the prayers and Heather (Vicar) is hoping to be there. I think Lynda kindly volunteered to help me with refreshments afterwards but at least one more volunteer would be greatly appreciated. I also hope lots of you will join us.

I attended the Members Evening at Stoneleigh Village Hall on 27th April. As with all of the Diocesan events, it was enjoyable to meet members from other parts of the Diocese. Felicity Hawke and Karen Morris told us about the 'Passionate About Parenting' programs that are being run in the Diocese. It was very interesting and so I asked Felicity if she would come and talk to us about it. Felicity kindly agreed and so I will sort out a date for that.

Also, two ladies from Myton Hospice told us about the prayer shawls that MU members have been knitting. I have requested the pattern.

Heather also took Judith's knitted teddies to the prison 'families day' on 27th April and I look forward to hearing how that went.

If anyone printed the extra instructions for Teddies for Tragedies from the old Coventry MU website, can I borrow them to copy them please as the old website has disappeared. As not all of our teddies need to conform to the Teddies for Tragedies pattern, I have written a pattern for a simple garter stitch teddy for the less experienced knitters.


March/April 2016 News

I know that we all enjoyed meeting Ruth and Nicola and hearing about the work of 'Aim for Change' in Pakistan and Uganda. Ruth and Nicola sent this lovely email.

"Dear Sue and friends at Hartshill Mothers Union. It was a real joy to see you all again last night and to be able to share news of the work of Aim for Change in both Uganda and Pakistan. Thank you for your warm welcome and for your support through the tin collections and the purchase of charity gifts. Attached is a receipt for your donation, collected in lieu of sending Christmas cards to one another. This was a very kind gesture by everyone so please pass on our thanks to all involved. We look forward to being able to join you again sometime in the future. Kind regards and blessings, Ruth & Nicola."

Lynda, Heather, Mum (Dorothy) and I also enjoyed the Lady Day service at Attleborough this month.

Please bring items for Chapter 1 to the next meeting or, if you have too many, you can phone them directly on 02476 385501 to arrange to deliver them to their premises at Midland Road (there is a convenient car park opposite Frank Parker's). To clarify, Mike Zamorski wrote "Thank you for your message and kind offer of donating household items. We have 4 hostel type projects in Leamington Spa. Here in Nuneaton we have our ‘Link Up’ project at 3 – 7 Midland Road. This is a 9 bed hostel for single men. Yes we certainly will accept most household items of reasonable quality. However, (as you asked) we generally don’t accept 2nd hand bedding.

Christine Temple has unfortunately had to postpone her talk until the May meeting and so we will be hymn singing in April instead. Don't forget to send me suggestions for hymns that you would like to sing so that I can collate a list for Wendy. I'll add them to this list. Suggest as many as you like. If there are too many, we'll have a vote.

I think we agreed that we would send all teddies to Chinthowa if they want them, in which case the target for all knitting is September. Please bring squares as you do them though so that we can get them sewn together.

We are to host Deanery Prayers on Monday 23rd May at 10am. If you would like to lead it, please PLEASE let me know.

This is the March letter from our new Diocesan President, Jane Hill. You will see from the letter that we have a new Diocesan website at http://www.mothersunioncoventry.com/ . I have changed the link at the top of each webpage to the new website. As Jane says, please have a look and, if you want to add anything to it, please email Vanessa Cooper.

I have moved the Deanery, Diocesan and Provincial dates which used to be on this page to the Program page so that all of the dates are together.

In October 2016, we are filling shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child. I've captured my thoughts with regard to a plan. See OCC plan notes. We can discuss it at the next meeting or you can email me your thoughts. 


February/March 2016 News

There were only 10 of us for yesterday's knitting meeting but we all enjoyed it. We had a good old knit and knatter (although I only knitted about half a dozen rows). We missed the rest of you though! And you missed out on Mum's 85th birthday cake.

I took home the wool that Sheila brought and the wadding for stuffing teddies that I brought but I will bring them again in March in case anybody wants any. Linda has been in touch with Margaret (Chinthowa charity) and they can take homemade stuffed knitted toys; so if any are rejected by "Teddies for Tragedy" then Margaret will gladly have them. So Lorna, there is a home for your basket ball teddy! I have sewn together all the squares I have. I quite enjoyed it and so, if anybody has any more, I'd really like them.

Thank you to those of you who helped with Mothering Sunday by making posies or cakes (or both). We made 70 posies. Was it enough?

We finally have a branch bank account with Barclays! The commitee had a quick meeting on Saturday March 15th to agree on how to manage our finances whilst conforming to MU regulations. Heather recorded our decisions and she will explain them to you at the March meeting.

There will be a Lady Day and Commissioning Service on Monday 4th April 2pm at Attleborough. (There will be a Bring & Buy Table, contributions gratefully received. Also, each group is asked to contribute a Cake please.) I hope some of you will be able to go, especially as Heather will be commissioned as Deanery Treasurer.

I received this letter about this year's general meeting. If you think you might go, can you send me the appropriate responses for the form please?

I have produced the Hartshill MU branch Annual Report for Hartshill PCC

This is the February letter from our new Diocesan President, Jane Hill.


February 2016 News

Thank you for your input at the AGM. Judith has kindly typed up the minutes. I've updated the program as discussed, although some items are still provisional as I don't have confirmation from the speakers yet. If anybody else would like to be added to the prayer rota, please let me know and I will modify it.

I attended the Branch Leaders and Treasurers meeting at St James, Styvechale yesterday. It was very interesting and it was pleasant to socialise with members from the whole diocese. The branch leaders activity was to play an MU board game which was not competitive but aimed to stimulate discussion about MU history and aims. As those of you who were at the AGM know, next month's chosen activity was knitting, a unanimous decision! However, in case any of you really don't want to knit, I will bring the board game so that you can play it if you want to.

I have updated the Deanery, Diocesan and Provincial dates at the bottom of this page. I forgot to remind you of this Saturday's Candlemas service and lunch at Stockingford. A few of us went last year and it was very enjoyable, so I would recommend it.

These are the current volunters for Mothering Sunday activities.

Posy making on 5 th March – Linda, Lorna, Beryl, Sandra, Dorothy, Yvonne, Sue F, Judith. Please bring some suitable greenery.

Cake makers – Wendy, Yvonne, Lorna, Dorothy, Beryl, Jan, Rita, Heather

Refreshment servers – Sue F, Sandra, Linda (We won't charge for refreshments but we will put a donations tin on the table for MU projects)

I received this email from Felicity Hawkes with regard to articles for Link Up.


January 2016 News

Thank you Sally for hosting our fabulous Christmas Party. We always enjoy your parties!

We collected £30.50 for 'Aim for Change'. I won't send it off yet as I'll bring the collecting tin on January 20th, for those who couldn't make it to the party. ( I will give the money to Ruth in March.)

There was a distinct lack of enthusiasm for the AGM and so I'll try to make it a bit more interesting by preparing a presentation (although that might make it worse!) We'll keep the AGM part short so that we can play 'Linkee'.

For the Mothering Sunday service, we will provide the daffodil sprays as in previous years and we will also do refreshments, including cakes, for MU funds.

I have received 10 copies of the 2016 "Make a Mother's Day" catalogue which contains 'gifts' which will help equip people, through Mothers' Union programmes, to create better lives for themselves and their families. I will put a brochure in the MU box on the table at the back of church. I will bring the others to distribute at the January meeting, although all of the details can be found on the website shown on this poster. I will also put the poster in February's magazine.


December 2015 News

Thank you again Heather for your very enjoyable presentation on your visit to Madagascar.

These are the minutes from the Deanery meeting which Heather attended. This is the report on the year's finances which is referenced.

We collected £15 for Di's retirement gift. I have sent a cheque to Viv at the Diocesan office.

Below is the list so far for Christmas party stuff. Just to confirm that the party will be at Sally’s at 7pm on December 16th. I will bring my big yellow collection box for donations to ‘Aim for Change’. This is instead of sending Christmas cards amongst ourselves. We should also each bring a wrapped gift, costing £2 to £3 for ‘secret santa’.

Christmas party food
Lynda - salad and schloer
Dorothy - quiche and crisps
Sandra- mini stollen, canapes etc
Wendy - bread and wine
Jan - sausage rolls/cheese and onion rolls
Heather - trifle
Rita - wine
Beryl – cheese & pineapple
Judith – pudding
Sue P – cheese and crackers
Sue F – wine, coleslaw
Yvonne - breaded chicken pieces

Thank you to everybody who provided things for our Christmas wreath. I hope you like it. If you haven't seen the Christmas Wreath festival, it is well worth a look. It will be on until Christmas. I have added some more photos to the Gallery page.

Sally has kindly agreed to be a signatory on our bank account alongside myself and Heather. I will endeavour to set up the bank account next week. Single membership for 2016 is £21.00. Subscriptions will be due in the office by 6th February.

The November edition of Faith and Policy watch is available on the Coventry Diocese website.

I have put a small box on the table at the back of the church which contains various MU resources of which I have only 1 copy. I will print copies of news etc. each month for members without access to the website, i.e. Rita, Beryl and Jean. If Rita reads it first, Rita can give it to Beryl, who gives it to Jean. It can then go in the box for a while.

Please see Di's final letter as Diocesan president.

2016 will be a very special year for Mothers’ Union, nationally and internationally, as we celebrate 140 years of faithful service to families and communities. “A Celebration of Faith” will be the theme for 2016.

We will hold our AGM in January. See the draft program. There is also a new draft speakers list.


November News 2015

Last months paper flower making was great fun. Thank you Wendy for all your hard work. It was much appreciated. I have added a picture to the gallery page. I also put it in the magazine.

I’m looking forward to our Christmas wreath. Thank you for all your offers of contributions. I recorded them as follows:

MU logo – Heather
little blanket – Jean
little teddy – Sue
tiny book – Jean
little toiletry and wreath base – Wendy
flags – Sandra
MU prayer – Sally
cup – Jan
cake – Wendy

I'll be looking for a volunteer to construct it at our next meeting.

I’m also looking forward to Heather’s talk on Madagascar next month. It all sounds very hi tech!

Also, in case anyone missed the announcement, we agreed to donations to ‘Aim For Change’ instead of Christmas cards between ourselves this year. I’ll bring the collection box to the Christmas party.

We mustn't forget to make arrangements for the Christmas party next month. Also, for the Advent Service.

Also, there will be a collection for Di as outgoing Diocesan president.

I've started to compile the program for next year.

Heather has kindly volunteered to attend the Deanery meeting on November 9th on our behalf. I have written our report for this meeting.


October 2015 News

Thank you for all your donations of toiletries for the Sky Blue Centre and blankets and squares for Chinthowa. Heather and Yvonne kindly agreed to make up 2 blankets before the end of September from the squares we brought in.

Branch Leaders received an emailed letter from Di with a few ideas to be put to members. Please let me know if you would like our branch to respond to any of these requests. We also received an emailed letter from Lynne Tenby with regard to the refugee crisis in Europe and the Middle East. There is a prayer at the end which you may like to use.

Di also sent the following in an email "As I hope you know we are to be presented with the Cross of Nails at the Advent Carol Service on November 30th. The service starts at 11.00am and is not likely to finish until around 12.30pm as there will be an 'add on' very brief service to the main one and some final words from me. With all this in mind it was decided at Trustees last week that we would serve refreshments (tea.coffee, biscuits) from 10.00am rather than after the service as many members will be going off for lunch somewhere. Please can you let your branches have this information asap as arrangements are being made if not already done for transport."

In addition, Rosemary is arranging a coach to the service and so, if you would like to travel by coach, please let Rosemary know directly asap. (email rosemary.jacobs41@email.com). I am happy to take a car, as is Judith, and so we may be able to sort out sufficient transport ourselves.

Does anybody have any ideas for a Mothers' Union Christmas Wreath please?


September 2015 News

Our summer barbecue at Sally's was a rip roaring success as usual. I've added a few photos to the gallery page.


Our meetings resume on Wednesday 16th September with Di Sliwinski's eagerly anticipated talk on 'Who are the Mothers' Union?' Sue P. is saying prayers and Heather and Yvonne are providing refreshments.

Tha date has now passed for members to subscribe to Families First magazine subscription. Heather has subscribed. I am still taking orders for 2016 MU Diaries and calendars but they need to be in by 15th September (i.e. before the next meeting) and so please let me know if you would like to place an order. Diaries are £3.85, calendars (single sheet A4 size) are £1.35 and Engagement Calendars (Year planners) are £2.85.

We are to provide items for the Blue Sky Centre, George Eliot Hospital in October. Apparently, there is no need to put toiletries etc into separate toilet bags, as they put what is required into clear zip bags. Therefore, please bring any items you have purchased to September's meeting and one of us can take them to the centre in October. There is a list of items they require here.

Lynda wrote an excellent article on the Chinthowa Development Trust in the August edition of the Church Magazine in which she said that a container will be sent to Malawi in October. I know that some of you have been busy knitting squares for a blanket and so can you please bring anything you have created to the September meeting please? We can then see what we have and what needs to be done. We could schedule a special knitters and sewers meeting for the following week.

I received the following communication from Viv Hopkins, Diocesan Secretary: "We are delighted to now be able to inform all members that the Central Board of Trustees has appointed Mrs Bev Jullien as Chief Executive, Mothers’ Union. Bev has pursued a highly successful career to date, including taking on a wide range of senior commercial roles around the world. She also brings to Mothers’ Union more than 15 years of experience working with the not-for-profit sector. She will take up her post on 3rd August.Please do uphold Bev, the trustees and the staff team at Mary Sumner House in your prayers during the next few months as the transition takes place.
I would be grateful if you would share this information with your members."

Here is the August Faith and Policy Watch. I have also added a Publications page to the website.

I received a paper copy of the Annual Review which I will put on circulation. "The Mothers’ Union Annual Review gives a short overview of the core programmes supported by the charity and a flavour of the grassroots outreach carried out by our inspirational members." There is also a copy on the Mothers' Union website but I took some time to find it and so I have added a link here.

July 2015 News

We all enjoyed Rob's very interesting talk on life as a Street Pastor. I have since found that Nuneaton Street Pastors even have a website.


We had a vote on the preferred start time as 7.30pm does prove difficult with regard to parking. However, the decision was to continue to meet at 7.30pm.

We also had a vote on whether to meet in August as we have not done so in the past and a lot of members are away. It was decided to cancel the August meeting but we will still provide toiletries for SARC and knit blankets for Chintowa charity. The logistics are to be determined but keep knitting/sewing and purchasing toiletries. These are my instructions for knitted squares. I've added a photo of Wendy's blanket to our gallery. I'd better 'up my game'!

Heather G. spoke to Cynthia, the Deanery Secretary, about available slots for donating provisions for SARC and the men's refuge. She has put us down for October for SARC and April for the refuge; there is no need to put toiletries etc into separate toilet bags, as they put what is required into clear zip bags.

Heather also reminded me that any orders for diaries, calendars and 'Families First' need to be in and paid for by end of August. Please either email me or let me know at Sally's if you want me to add you to the order.

I received the following message from Gillian Laycock at Attleborough "Just a reminder for your members, Mary Sumner Day Saturday August 8th at Holy Trinity Attleborough, 3pm- 5pm Royal Garden Party "Posh Frocks", for those who wish to do a flower arrangement in a tea cup and saucer or a mug in red white and blue there will be a prize. also could each branch donate a raffle prize and some cakes, look forward to seeing you." Unfortunately, I can't go but I am sure it will be an enjoyable occasion and so, if any of you are going, can one of you take a raffle prize please? Lynda will reimburse you.


June 2015 News

Thank you all for working so hard to make our Mothers’ Union Deanery Service such a lovely uplifting experience. I received lots of compliments from the other branches. I know that it was a lot of hard work for everyone concerned, especially as the hall wasn’t available, but it was much appreciated by everybody. To those of you who unfortunately couldn’t make it, we missed you. 

I have set up a spreadsheet in which to record members' date of birth, wedding date and date of enrolment if they so wish so that we can celebrate notable anniversaries.

The new Board of Trustees has been elected for Coventry Diocese.

May 2015 News

The May Faith and Policy Watch is now available.

See this months Big Wheels Appeal poster. Information on this year’s Big Wheels Appeal can be found here. Resources for the appeal can be found here.

Last month's AGM went very well and we now have an updated list of potential future talks/ activities which Judith kindly typed up.

Lynda has been in touch with Margaret Ingram (Chintowa charity). She sends their best wishes to our Mothers' Union members and asks for prayers for Chintowa and for her and Brian (Margaret broke her wrist in February and is still recovering and Brian had health problems too). They will be sending a container this year (probably smaller); but WILL be sending blankets; so get knitting!! In view of this and the fact that knitting is not everyone's thing, I thought it might be an idea to have a meeting where everyone could choose to do knitting (or sewing together squares) or toiletry packing for SARC, depending on individual preference, a 'Hartshill Mothers’ Union in Action' meeting. I have scheduled this for August.


April 2015 News

Click here for the agenda for this months AGM.

The April edition of Faith and policy watch is now available

March 2015 News

Thank you to Brenda Mosse for her very interesting talk “Time to Spare, Time to Care”: Valuing time alone, time to listen and sympathise, awareness of God’s world.

Mothers' Union has published  a brand new report into progress on ending the commercialisation of childhood since the launch of Bye Buy Childhood in 2010; along with new resources to help you get involved. See http://www.byebuychildhood.org/

February 2015 News

Thank you to everyone involved in "Desert Island Discs"at the February meeting. It was a very enjoyable evening.

Thank you to everyone who helped with the flowers for the Mothering Sunday Service, especially Wendy for the Tiffin and Jan for the tea. Also, we enjoyed enrolling Yvonne into the Mothers' Union at the service!

We decided to split donations in memory of Elsie between the Mothers' Union and the Mission to Seafarers. Lynda has sent off the donations. Lynda has also written some lovely words about Elsie for LinkUp.

If anyone wants to knit more squares, I've written what I think are the instructions (please let me know if they are wrong!)

If anybody can't make the Deanery Service on June 3rd at 7.30pm, please let me know so that we don't give you a role ( I know Jan and Sandra can't.)

It would be useful for Wendy to know what hymns we would like to sing prior to our meeting in May. If you have a favourite hymn, please let Wendy know (you don't have to have a reason for your choice)

There was a Deanery meeting on 23rd February which I was unfortunately unable to attend. These are the minutes. Note that Hartshill and Mancetter have agreed to assist Atherstone with their coffee morning on Thursday 23rd April. (I'm confused because it appears to be at Mancetter.) Basically, we need to take a couple of cakes and "generally help out where we see the need" to quote Rosemary.

January News 2015

We had a very enjoyable time handbell ringing at our January meeting. Thank you Judith for sorting that out. I have put some photos on the Gallery page.


Thank you for contributing to the collection which we held for the Mothers' Union Christmas Appeal 2014 in lieu of Christmas cards. We raised £30. See email from Mary Sumner House.

The MU AGM will be held in Nottingham from 25th to 27th June. Tickets are now only available direct from the Royal Concert Hall, see MU website. 28 are currently attending from Coventry Diocese.

The January edition of Faith and Policy Watch is now available.

Everyone who attended our January meeting will have received a "Make a Mother's Day" leaflet. For more information, see http://makeamothersday.org/

I have received a flyer from Mary Sumner House asking "Will you hold a Mothering Sunday Service at your church". I think it is a bit late for this year as it is on 15th March but perhaps we could consider it next year.

We are hosting the Deanery Service on June 3rd at 7pm.30. Plans are already afoot!

Thank you to everybody who helped with refreshments at Elsie's funeral. Elsie's Granddaughter Sharon passed on sincere thanks on behalf of the family and said "Elsie loved and was devoted to the Mother's Union". They have given us a donation and, if anybody else would like to donate in memory of Elsie, the yellow collecting tin will be on the tea table.


Actions from the January Meeting

Our program is rather holey at the moment, although Heather G. kindly volunteered to tell us about her MU visit to Madagascar in November, an offer which we eagerly accepted.

The following actions relate to filling the gaps.

Heather G. to send Sue a list of speakers (done)

Sue to contact Ian and Greta Randle who visit India twice a year to do their ministry work. (ian.randle@ntlworld.com)

Sally to find out the situation with regard to Crisis Centre Toiletries

Jan to enquire of the Local History Society whether anyone would like to talk to us about the Society of Friends

Sue to contact local Magistrate Roy Taylor to see if he is available to talk to us.

Schedule in another knitting session

This is the current program which is work in progress.