June 2022

There were only 5 of us at the June meeting but we had a very pleasant afternoon. We decided that, for our July meeting, we will have a summer party with afternoon tea but we will do the afternoon tea as a bring and share.

We decided on the menu and those of us in attendance chose the items that we will provide as follows:


smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwiches Sheila
egg and cress sandwiches  
ham based sandwiches  
cheese based sandwiches  
scones, jam and cream Wendy
lemon drizzle cake Jan
chocolate cake(s)  
fruit skewers Rachel
beverages  and disposable plates etc. Sue F


Please choose what you would like to bring and let us all know. Note that we decided that sandwiches would be 2 slices of bread cut into 6 finger sandwiches and so 6 slices of bread would be required per filling, making 18 tiny sandwiches of each filling (I think).

Jan is providing a quiz, I will bring ‘pass the bomb’ and Heather, will you bring your beetle game please?

It was suggested that we should invite other ladies from the Church who are not currently members of MU. I will send an email to vicar Heather, Sharon R and Denise as they have all been to parties in the past.  If there is anybody you would like to invite, please invite them and let us know if they are coming so that we can revise quantities of food if necessary.


We also discussed our tea and chat event on September 13th at 2.30 pm.  We will have a zoom meeting to further discuss this at 8pm on 13th July. 


May 2022

I was heartened to see an almost full turn out from our branch at our Deanery Service at St Peter's, Mancetter this month. I think we all agree that it was a lovely service and the cake was delicious. Heather and I also went to Coventry Diocese Members' Evening at Stoke, St Michael which was poorly attended generally (less than Nuneaton Deanery Service overall) but very enjoyable nontheless.

On June 1st, we visited the Knitted Bible Exhibition at Fillongley and we were joined by our Diocesan president Karen. I've copied Sheila's comment from facebook with which I whole heartedly concur. "We had a great time. It was an inspirational display, well worth a visit especially for tea and delicious cakes. Many thanks to Elizabeth for hosting the event."

knitted bible exhibition

We will also have our regular meeting on June 15th.

April 2022

We remember this month 2 of our friends and long standing members of Hartshill Mothers' Union who sadly passed away; Jean Phillips and my Mum, Dorothy Beebe. May they rest in peace and rise in glory! Thank you for the support that you have all given me during this sad time.

I enjoyed the chaos that was April's meeting. It was also lovely to see Gill and Rachel at our meeting again.

Thank you Wendy and Sally for your brilliant President's Challenge idea which is "Tea and Cake and Chat" on Tuesday 13th September from 2pm to 4pm, aimed at reaching out to parents at school pick up time. We will have to firm up the details prior to the event but there were suggestions of having bookmarks, crosses in my pocket etc. In addition, we can have leaflets and use the opportunity to promote awareness of Mothers' Union. I think it was Archbishop Justin Welby who said " Mothers' Union is the beating heart of the Church of England" but also "Mothers' Union is the best kept secret in the Church of England".

I kind of abandoned the topic of a piece of art for the Community exhibition but if anybody has any strong feelings on wanting to do something, please make them known, although time is running out.

The 2022 programme is reasonably complete now. I forgot to mention toiletries for George Eliot. Sally, perhaps you can update us on the current requirements please?

There is no meeting at Hartshill in May because we will have the opportunity to meet up at the Deanery Service at Mancetter at 7pm on 16th May. (As I am the new Deanery chair, if you can, please come!)

March/April 2022

Thank you to everyone for sharing your "interest things" with us. It was most enjoyable.

I have updated the programme to reflect our decisions. Following on from our discussion about Deanery Prayers, I concurr that holding it 2 weeks before Mancetter's Deanery Service is not a good idea. I therefore propose that we move it to September 21st when ther are no other Deanery or Diocesan events on. We can discuss this at the April meeting.

Sheila suggested that we make a piece of art for the Community exhibition for the Queen's Jubilee. Please share your ideas by email. It would be good if it could be something we could create at the April meeting.

We also need to decide on what we should do for the President's Challenge. Again, please share your ideas by email.

Heather has kindly agreed to contact Mandy from Exhall about talking to us about the women and children's refuge she and her husband are building in Azerbajan.

Lynda has kindly agreed to investigate the possibilty of a talk from the Leprosy Mission.

Heather is also responsible for the Coventry Diocese Speakers list and so we will have more ideas for speakers when that has been agreed.

March 2022

It was lovely to meet up in person again. We decided to hold an impromptu AGM and so the February activity is postponed until March. The most important decision made at the AGM was to move the meeting to an afternoon slot, still on a Wednesday but at 2pm. Thank you to Sheila for taking the minutes.

I have started to develop the programme according to our decisions but await your input please. Thank you Heather for organising our vist to Fillongley knitted Bible exhibition. This has now been confirmed for 2pm on June 1st at a cost of £2 with tea and cake!

At the PCC on 28th February it was agreed that it would be nice to give posies out on mothering Sunday, perhaps about 20 to 25. We can organise that at the March meeting.

I would also welcome suggestions as to what we should do for the President's Challenge.

I attended the Nuneaton Deanery meeting last week and we came up with the Deanery programme for the year. You can see it at https://www.mothersunioncoventry.com/nuneaton-deanery

I would encourage you all to attend these events if you can as we are one of only 4 branches in the Deanery and so, if we don't attend, they will stop happening. They are always very enjoyable.


February 2022

We will be meeting in person for the first time in 2 years on Wednesday February 16th in the conservatory. We will each share a thought/Bible verse or passage/piece of music/ book/ cooking tip/ gardening fun/ something of interest etc. with each other.


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